Funding grants for a brighter future

Our grant program is committed to supporting initiatives that not only drive meaningful change and strengthen community bonds but also proactively address the evolving needs of our community.

an impact

Fund innovative programs or services that have a direct and meaningful impact on a significant number of people.

Care for the community

Invest in local organizations 
that are actively listening and responding to the changing needs of the community.

Align with our mission

Fund initiatives that align with 
our mission, while valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion within 
the community.

Applying for a community grant

Annually, the Port Moody Foundation provides funds to registered charities working in various sectors including youth, seniors, health and wellness, homelessness, arts, culture, and sports. Grants are allocated based on fund availability and alignment with our grant guidelines. If you’re interested in applying, fill out the form and we will contact you with further details.

2025 Community Grant

The intake for Expressions of Interest for the 2025 Community Grant Program will begin in November 2024.



Who is eligible to apply for a Port Moody Foundation grant?

The Port Moody Foundation routinely grants funds to registered charitable organizations. Recent changes made by the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency does enable the foundation to make grants to unregistered organizations known as non-qualified donees and grant requests from such organizations will be considered.

What types of projects does Port Moody Foundation typically fund?

The mandate of the Port Moody Foundation is to provide funds for projects that increase community capacity in arts and culture, heritage, ecology, sports and recreation, and social betterment. Projects and endeavours that support, develop, and enhance parks, as well as cultural, recreational, and community facilities in the City of Port Moody, are open for consideration, as are capital projects of a similar nature.

How do I complete the application process?

The Port Moody Foundation community grant process is designed to be efficient and respectful of the grant applicant’s time. The initial submission is an expression of interest only, which details the organization’s name, a description of the project being applied for, the amount of grant being requested, and contact information for the applicant.

Based on the expression of interest submissions received the foundation’s Grant Committee will develop a short list of eligible candidates, and applicants on the shortlist will be contacted to provide any further information required. This process is designed to eliminate non-eligible applicants without the need for applicants to spend a considerable amount of time on their applications.

When is the application deadline?

Each year, the Port Moody Foundation opens a single community granting window. Late in the year, our website announces the acceptance of letters of interest for projects to be considered in the upcoming year. By the end of February, applicants who have expressed interest will be informed whether their project is accepted for further consideration. Successful applicants will then be requested to submit any additional required information by mid-March. The Grant Committee finalizes its decisions and releases the results at the end of March annually.

How much funding can an organization or project request?

Port Moody Foundation community grants typically range from $500 to $3,500 per project or organization. The foundation is not looking to be the sole funder for any project but expects to see a project plan based on multiple funding sources, particularly for larger projects.

Are there any restrictions on how the grant money can be used?

The Port Moody Foundation operates an expression of interest process for grant selection. Once an organization or project is chosen and granted funding, it’s expected that the funds will be utilized as outlined in the grant application. The Foundation values receiving a brief report detailing how the project achieved its intended outcomes.

Should there be any delays in project execution, the Foundation requires timely notification. In cases where a project with an approved grant is canceled, repayment of the grant might be necessary. Typically, the Foundation aims to distribute funds to successful applicants at its annual general meeting in June each year. However, if a project’s needs dictate, arrangements can be made for earlier fund disbursement.

How are applications evaluated and how long does it take?

Community grant applications are primarily assessed based on their alignment with the Port Moody Foundation’s mandate. The Foundation strives for equitable distribution of its funds, which means it’s uncommon for an organization to receive funding for consecutive years. Additionally, an organization’s history with the Foundation, including past grants and project execution, is taken into account. The entire annual community granting cycle, as detailed in question #4 regarding application deadlines, generally spans a period of three months.

Can an organization apply for multiple grants in a single year?

Organizations are welcome to apply for multiple grants if they have several projects aligning with the Port Moody Foundation’s mandate. However, due to the Foundation’s single annual granting window for community grants, the expression of interest process, and the need for equitable distribution of limited funds, it is unlikely for the same organization to receive multiple community grants within the same year.

Does the Port Moody Foundation only offer the annual community granting program, or are there other granting programs available?

The Port Moody Foundation’s community granting program is an annual occurrence. Occasionally, additional funds become available, typically through specific federal or provincial government initiatives. These programs are often regional and, in the case of the Foundation, are usually implemented in collaboration with other partners or community foundations. Whenever such additional programs are active, detailed information and alternative application processes will be provided on the Foundation’s website.

Grant Recipients

Celebrating our past grant recipients who make a difference in Port Moody. From supporting youth sports to enhancing community health, these organizations are dedicated to enriching lives and fostering positive change.


Athletics for Kids: Providing funding for low-income families in Port Moody, aiding children aged 5-18 to participate in amateur sports.

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland: Supporting the “Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds” program for female youth aged 9-13.

Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society: Providing vehicle allowances for volunteer drivers transporting Port Moody cancer patients to treatments.

PoMoArts: Supporting “True Colours,” a Pride event with youth art, workshops, and a collaborative project for LGBTQIA2S+ youth.

PLEA Community Services Society of BC: Helping to educate youth on sex trafficking and sexual exploitation prevention.


Athletics4Kids Financial Assistance (B.C.) Society: Providing financial aid to up to 10 Port Moody families to keep their children active in sports.

People’s Pantry Food Recovery Society: Offering operational support for food collection, sorting, and distribution to clients in Port Moody.

Community Ventures Society (CVS): Funding evening activities and programs not covered by government grants.

Pacific Post Partum Support Society: Supporting the ‘Telephone Support Counselling Program,’ available weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Inlet United Church: Backing a community art mural by Indigenous artists on ‘The Springs’ building’s Spring Street-facing wall in Port Moody.


Coquitlam Search and Rescue Society: Support the purchase of an AED and waterproof container for the CoqSAR Marine Rescue boat.

Zajac Ranch Society: Supporting up to two Port Moody families with disabled or medically challenged children to attend Family Camp in 2021.

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia: Providing immediate, confidential support through 24/7 phone lines and online services for people at risk of suicide, ensuring barrier-free and non-judgmental assistance.

Port Moody Public Library: Purchasing Computer Coding Kits for children to learn coding from home.

Access Youth Outreach Services: Offering a 12-week virtual after-school program focusing on art journaling for youth aged 12 to 23.

PLEA Community Services Society of BC: Supporting the ‘Children of the Street’ program to protect children and youth from sexual exploitation.

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