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‘A simple ‘Hi’ to a passersby in our streets, helps to create a sense of Community, allows new introductions, and connects our Residents!’


The main premise of the Campaign is that, ‘Every introduction start’s with “Hello”’.

This program is designed to create awareness of our community, promoting our businesses, connecting diverse community groups and getting to know your neighbors!


Creating connections combats Isolation and embraces our multicultural groups in our Port Moody. 

Let us join together and be ‘PoMo Proud’ of our great Waterfront City!

Families and individuals can get involved in many ways!

We are looking forward to hearing how you developed a stronger community through your current and new Say“HELLO” PoMo creativity. Wear the button and support the program by saying “Hello” as often as you can.

We are eager to have you share how you created connections. Make it a game! See how many occasions you can connect with new community members. You will be creating a more inclusive positive experience as you go about your day. Promote Saying “Hello” to fellow students, neighbours and be first to welcome with “Hello” to combat isolation and embrace multi-ethnic groups.

  1. Say “Hi” to a passersby when you are out and about and wear the button!
  2. Keep track of how many Hello’s you can deliver in a day, and share your creative Hello’s with your community on our social media Facebook page!