PoMo Business Networks

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Target Audience


  • Business Owners and Leaders in Port Moody


Goal and Objective


The PoMo Business Network's goal is to connect and strengthen our economy and businesses through the talents of our Business Leaders in five Business Districts across our City:


1.       PoMo Business Network- Newport

2.       PoMo Business Network- Suter Brook

3.       PoMo Business Network- Moody Centre

4.       PoMo Business Network- Clarke Street

5.       PoMo Business Network- Rocky Point

Our main objective is to further develop a strong economy with successful Port Moody businesses who share and develop ideas, challenges and successes with each other specific to their local Business District.



The Port Moody Foundation recognizes the need to connect business professionals with each other recognizing that together we are stronger. During the say “Hello” PoMo campaign last year the community had asked for a stronger connection with fellow business owners. We listened!

We believe in the process of successful business mentoring, giving support to those who need help with various aspects of business.

We strongly support shopping locally and the great potential of our talents in business across Port Moody. In connecting these community leaders and entrepreneurs through an independent space, we look forward to seeing a bubble of progress by the people, for our community, given the tools to proceed. 

Having strong connected business districts allows members and community services to share important safety and emergency information quickly to keep all parties up-to-date and aware in their local area.



The Port Moody Foundation is wishing to establish local PoMo Business Districts in three ways:


1.       Providing an independent fb page for Business owners and leaders to connect and share together.

2.       Creating space and time for Business Network Say “Hello” PoMo get-togethers during 1-8 May 2017. To meet and get to know each other in person and their business talents.

3.       Consider establishing workshops, seminars in conjunction with the Port Moody Foundation, The City of Port Moody, Shop Local, Small Business BC and local Community Services with expertise in particular areas.