PoMo Neighbours Network


  1. Join your local Community Association,
  2. Join an online Facebook Neighborhood sharing page, &/or
  3. Plan a Block Party/ Potluck with your Neighbors..

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Target audience

  • ·         Community Residents
  • ·         Strata Groups, Neighborhoods

Goal and Objective

The Port Moody Foundation’s goal is to provide EVERY resident within Port Moody, with access to join an independent space to connect with their neighbors.

Our main objective to further develop a safe, strong and connected community through strengthening our connections in local neighborhoods.


The Port Moody Foundation recognizes the need to connect individual residents in their local PoMo districts through a network of Community Associations.

By connecting our Community residents, we combat Isolation and embrace our multicultural groups in Port Moody.

Building a network of Community Groups for residents to connect with each other, strengthens our sense of belonging, and gives power to individuals to care together for each other, their local environment and Port Moody Community.

Having strong connected neighborhood allows residents and community services to share important safety and emergency information quickly to keep every resident up-to-date and aware in their local area.



The Port Moody Foundation is providing a numbers of tools to assist in establishing, reinvigorating or enhancing Community Associations in our local PoMo neighborhoods in three ways:

1.       Providing an independent fb page for residents to connect and share together.


2.       Attend face-to-face Neighborhood Say “Hello” PoMo get-togethers to celebrate their neighborhood and get to know each other in person.


3.       Consider establishing an official Community Association, improve on existing Association or community efforts through the expertise of the Port Moody Foundation, The City of Port Moody and local Community Services with expertise in this area.