Establish a Fund


The Port Moody Foundation holds its funds within the Vancouver Foundation to maximize the return on investment and minimize our costs. Funds established with Vancouver Foundation are invested in a balanced fund referred to as the Consolidated Trust Fund. The CTF is a mix of bonds and stocks supervised by the Vancouver Foundations Investment Committee and has the aim of preserving, in perpetuity, the purchasing power of the invested dollar. 

Donors can create several types of funds. The fund can be unrestricted to meet the needs in one or all the Foundations fields of interest, or they may be an advised fund which enables you, the donor, to give advice annually on the distribution of income. Alternatively, you may choose to set up a fund, which designates specific charitable organizations as beneficiaries. 

For more information on how you can establish a fund with the Port Moody Foundation please call the Foundation at 604.469.4699. Your gift to the Port Moody Foundation will leave a lasting legacy in your community. If you are considering a gift to the Port Moody Foundation, please discuss the opportunities with your professional advisors.