How to Give

We understand that through different times of your life you have differing capabilities to give. No matter what you can offer, everyone can be a Philanthropist!

There are many ways to give, and they are not only monetary:

Financial Donation

The Foundation is built on long term Permanent Endowments for a secure and sustained future. You can set up your own to benefit an area of choice, or you can contribute to the Port Moody Community Fund which is designated by our Community Foundation. Because we ARE our Community, we know best where needs are needed now and for the future.

Here are a few popular ways to give:

Cheque/Credit Card

It’s easy to give, as much or as little as you can.. together we can have a stronger collective impact!

Give $25 once a year or once a month, it’s your choice! You will receive a charitable donation receipt for donations above $25 in the year in which the contribution was made.

Donate Now- via the link to the bottom right of this page.

Or by cheque or person, to 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody BC V3H 2V7

Collective Giving

Together we are stronger and can have major impact in our Community. Create a Giving Group. There are groups who have been using this model for some time, and have had great success. Connect with Port Moody Foundation to find a Group of specific interest in your Community for your desired impact.

Publicly-traded securities

A gift of publicly-traded securities is the transfer of ownership of stocks or bonds to Vancouver Foundation and credited to your Port Moody Foundation. If you own shares that have increased in value, 50 per cent of the capital gains are taxable. However, if you donate these shares in-kind to Vancouver Foundation with Credit to your Port Moody Foundation, the entire gain is tax-exempt. For more information or for the “Authorization and Direction Form” go to the Vancouver Foundation website at the Gifts of Securities information page.  

Deferred Giving options

There are also ways to give to at a later date:

Charitable Bequest

Leave a bequest to Port Moody Foundation in your Will. Port Moody Foundation will provide an official receipt for income tax purposes to your estate when it receives the bequest. Bequests can be a specific dollar amount or a residual gift (the entire residue or portion of your estate). Bequests can be given either outright or as a contingent gift.

Vancouver Foundation has prepared a document with sample clauses for your Will that your lawyer can use as a guide to credit to your Port Moody Foundation. Contact our GivingTeam at give(at) for more information.

Life Insurance

You can provide a sizeable future gift to the Foundation at an affordable current cost, without reducing what you give to family and friends through your estate. 

Vancouver Foundation can be named as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. If you designate Vancouver Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary or owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy, we will be able to provide you with an official receipt for income tax purposes for the amount of premium you pay each year. 


Name Vancouver Foundation as the beneficiary of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan or Registered Retirement Income Fund and make a significant donation, while saving your Estate from paying probate tax on the proceeds.

Giving Option for American Donors

Friends of Vancouver Foundation is a separate legacy entity, based in the State of Washington, that can accept donations from American individuals, charities and corporations and issue tax receipts that can be used for American tax filings. For further information, please click here


We need Community volunteers for project and initiatives not only hosted by our Foundation, but by other Community organizations as well.

Please register your availability and interests at give(at)

See also our local partner Community Volunteer Connections for other local opportunities and throughout Metro Vancouver see 


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Have Talent? / Developing Talent?

Have Funds? / Need Funds?

Throughout our Port Moody Connections we know who needs what and who is willing share because they care!

Connect with us to explore more In-Kind opportunities together..

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