Uniting the Community

The Community Ventures Society (CVS), a local nonprofit supporting individuals and families with developmental disabilities, has benefitted from the Port Moody Foundation’s grants over several years. While CVS receives government funding for day programs, their vital evening activities rely on community support.

CVS Kim's Masterpiece painting

Evening Programs Initiative

Recognizing the isolation often felt by people with developmental disabilities during the night, CVS is committed to providing evening activities. With support from the Port Moody Foundation, CVS has offered a variety of engaging events, including Paint Nights, Pub Nights, Bingo, and Movie Nights. These activities not only bring joy and new experiences to participants but also involve local businesses, fostering a stronger, more inclusive community.

Strengthening Community Ties

The support from the Port Moody Foundation has been instrumental in bringing smiles and meaningful experiences to those served by CVS. These events have opened new horizons for participants and deepened community connections. CVS extends heartfelt thanks to the Foundation for its continuous support, which has been pivotal in planning and enriching the 
future for many individuals.

A Community’s Appreciation

CVS expresses profound gratitude to the Port Moody Foundation for its steadfast support over the years. This partnership has enabled CVS to provide enriching experiences and combat loneliness among those with developmental disabilities, significantly enhancing their quality of life. As CVS looks forward, it acknowledges the critical role of the Foundation’s support in its ongoing mission.