Nourishing the Community Spirit

The Port Moody Foundation has consistently supported the Tri-Cities food bank, recognizing the critical role it plays in addressing community food insecurity. With the advent of COVID in 2019 and subsequent federal support funds, the Port Moody Foundation, alongside other Tri-Cities community foundations, directed these resources to urgent local projects, with a particular focus on food security.

Photo of a vegepod

The Vegepod Initiative

The Port Moody Foundation discovered Vegepod, an innovative product designed for compact, urban food growing through late-night infomercials. Collaborating with the manufacturer, the Foundation introduced Vegepods to the community free of charge, partnering with organizations like Grow Local, SHARE, Kinsight, and Community Ventures Society. This initiative not only supplied fresh produce to the food bank but also reported significant positive effects on the social and mental well-being of individuals with developmental challenges, highlighting the multifaceted benefits of community gardening.

An Ongoing Commitment

Post-pandemic, as food inflation persists, the Port Moody Foundation continues its dedication to food security. This includes supporting Growing Chefs’ educational programs, maintaining the Vegepod initiative, enhancing community gardens, and establishing a permanent food security endowment fund. These efforts aim to ensure continued access to fresh, nutritious food and education about sustainable food practices in the community.

A Personal Touch

A touching testimonial comes from a young man in Port Moody, supported by Kinsight, who passionately tends to his Vegepod. Experimenting with various plants, he eagerly anticipates the harvest of his latest batch of vegetables. His enthusiasm and gratitude for the Vegepod underscore the personal and community benefits of the Port Moody Foundation’s innovative food security initiatives.