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Every contribution counts

Your donation—be it funds, expertise, or time—propels our community forward. Dive into the diverse opportunities to contribute and leave a lasting mark on Port Moody.

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Through your generous support, we enrich the present and ensure a brighter future.
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Ways to give

Cash, cheque or credit card

While cash donations are less common, the Port Moody Foundation is equipped to handle them. If you wish to make a cash donation, please contact us, and a Board member will reach out to discuss the details. For cheque donations, simply mail them to our address listed on the website.

If you prefer using a credit card, click the “Donate Now” button on our site to be guided through a secure process via Canada Helps, who will also issue your charitable receipt.

For all cash and cheque donations of $25 or more, the Port Moody Foundation directly issues charitable donation receipts to the donor.

Gifts of appreciable property

Gifts to the Foundation can vary widely, including publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual fund units, employee stock options, private company shares, real estate, and even tangible or culturally significant items like artwork and collections.

These gifts can be made during your lifetime or bequeathed in a will. Such donations are both generous and tax-efficient, potentially bypassing capital gains tax and allowing for a charitable receipt of the item’s full market value.

We strongly recommend discussing these donation options with your financial advisor to understand the benefits and implications specific to your situation.

Gifts of life insurance

Life insurance gifts are a versatile option for supporting the Foundation and may vary based on the policy type. You can donate during your lifetime, yielding immediate tax benefits, or designate the Foundation as a beneficiary, where benefits are paid posthumously, potentially offsetting taxable capital gains on your final return.

Donors contemplating life insurance donations are strongly encouraged to discuss the donation with their financial advisor, as each situation may differ.

Gifts of retirement plan accumulations

You can nominate the Foundation as a beneficiary for your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) or registered retirement income fund (RRIF). Upon your passing, any remaining funds are transferred to the Foundation, and a tax-deductible receipt is issued, potentially offsetting taxes on your final return.

Considering the unique nature of each individual’s circumstances, we strongly encourage consulting with your financial advisor before arranging a donation of your retirement funds to ensure it aligns with your financial and philanthropic goals.

Gifts via a bequest in a will

The Port Moody Foundation can be designated as a beneficiary in your will, whether for a specified sum or a residual portion of your estate. Such a bequest leads to the issuance of a tax-deductible charitable gift receipt to the donor’s estate, potentially providing tax benefits.

If you are considering this form of legacy giving, it is wise to consult with both your financial and legal advisors to ensure the bequest is appropriately integrated into your will’s preparations.

Donor-advised funds

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) offer a flexible approach to philanthropy. Essentially, after establishing a DAF, donors retain the ongoing right to guide the allocation of the fund’s annual income. This could mean directing it towards a particular organization, a specific cause like food security, or varying the beneficiaries year to year based on the Foundation’s advice or the donor’s preference.

DAFs also serve as a valuable tool for involving family members in philanthropy, allowing them to participate in the decisions about income distribution annually.

Grow a fund

Donors who may not be in a position to contribute a major gift immediately or upon their passing have the option to steadily build a permanent endowment fund through annual contributions. These yearly donations provide immediate charitable tax benefits and are invested to earn income over time.

Once the contributions reach a designated threshold, they are transformed into a permanent endowment, making the annual income from the fund available for use. This method enables gradual, impactful support tailored to the donor’s financial capacity.

Tailored fund options

Understanding the interconnected nature of the Tri-Cities, the Foundation acknowledges that many donors have ties stretching beyond a single municipal boundary. A donor might have roots in one part of the Tri-Cities and now reside or work in another, just as charitable causes often extend across these areas.

Although our primary focus is supporting Port Moody residents, we collaborate with neighboring community foundations to address broader needs. A legacy gift can be thoughtfully structured to allocate annual income across multiple community foundations, reflecting the diverse connections and commitments of our donors.

Field of interest funds

Donors interested in supporting a specific cause but unable to establish an individual endowment have several options. They can join forces with like-minded individuals to collectively create a field of interest endowment, pooling their resources for greater impact.

Alternatively, they might contribute to an existing endowment that aligns with their philanthropic goals. This approach allows donors to contribute meaningfully to areas they are passionate about, even without a standalone endowment.

Unrestricted endowment

Donors have the option to contribute to the Port Moody Foundation’s general endowment fund, which supports our annual community granting program.

By designating their donation to this unrestricted fund, donors provide the Port Moody Foundation with the flexibility to allocate grants where they are most needed in the community each year. This approach ensures that critical and timely support is directed to pressing issues, reflecting the evolving needs of the Port Moody community.


Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors comprising up to 13 members, the Port Moody Foundation operates without any employees. Directors serve two-year terms with the goal of ensuring a rich diversity of perspectives and skills. If you’re interested in contributing your expertise by serving on the Board or one of its committees, we encourage you to contact the Foundation.

Additionally, we actively participate in various civic events throughout the year. If you’re interested in volunteering for any of these events, please reach out to express your interest. Your involvement is invaluable in helping us fulfill our mission.

Port Moody Foundation/City of Port Moody Memory Program

The Memory Program is an exciting joint effort between the Port Moody Foundation and the City of Port Moody providing a means for individuals, businesses or organizations to donate funds to enhance our parks, trail systems, beaches and public buildings.

You can commemorate a great occasion or achievement, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or give a loved one a lasting legacy by making your own personal addition to this special program.

Donated items are maintained by the City for a life span of 10 years and a plaque is provided for your personal words. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and income tax receipts are issued by the Foundation for each individual donation.

Establish a fund

The Port Moody Foundation, built by locals for locals, aims to perpetually uplift our community’s quality of life. Central to our mission, we pool funds donated by community members. Whether you’re giving today or planning for tomorrow, we ensure an eternal contribution to local needs.

In partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, we maximize returns, minimize costs and preserve the value of every dollar. As a donor, you have choices: set up a general fund, guide an advised fund annually, or dedicate a fund to specific charities. To explore or establish a fund, contact us and shape Port Moody’s future.


Make a donation

Every donation strengthens our community, enriching lives today and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow. Your contribution ensures a lasting legacy for both current and future generations of Port Moody.

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Connect with us to make a difference in Port Moody. Your support, in any form, enriches our community, creating lasting impacts and a brighter future. Let’s build a stronger Port Moody, together.

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