Monday 8 May 2017 Inlet Theatre from 6pm

Join a discussion on how Technology can enhance our PoMo!




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Say “HELLO” PoMo


Grand Opening Night!

Monday, 8 May 2017 6pm 

Come and Say “Hi” in person! 

Inlet Theatre, City Hall 6pm-8:30pm 

Enjoy nibbles and drinks by our local 'PoMo Foodies' and say "Hello" to other socially responsible members of our Community! 

What’s happening at www.portmoodyfoundation.ca

or on facebook.com/PortMoodyFoundation

PoMo Talks- A Talking Point


Tell us what you like to talk about and share it with your Community.

The Port Moody Foundation is encouraging our residents to connect through common interests and revive or start new Special Interest Groups!

Share your talent:       Do you have specific skills that you could share with your Community?               Once a year or once a month?

Host a Session:         Contact us to find out how to host a PoMoTalks session in your Community, or set up a Facebook Group for blogging.

Fun:                           Get to know your Community and spread your Passion!

Register at info(at)portmoodyfoundation.ca

GOT AN IDEA FOR PORT MOODY? The Port Moody Foundation loves connecting people.. Tell us what your passion is and we can connect you with like-minded residents, to help you achieve greatness in our Community!


PoMo Talks- Open Night 8 May 2017

6pm    Monday 8 May 2017 Port Moody- Inlet Theatre

Space: 200 persons, seated Theatre

  • 6pm        Saying “HELLO” drinks in Galleria
  • 7:00pm        Introduction: Say “HELLO” PoMo the genesis and message.
      • “Hello” from Robert Simons, President, Port Moody Foundation
      • PoMo Talks- A series of short discussion panels :
        1. TBA
        2. TBA
        3. TBA
        4. TBA
      • Events Feedback
      • Q&A from audience.
      • Thank you for supporting our PoMo Community!

Approx. closing 8:30pm

Please register at info(at)portmoodyfoundation.ca

Close our  Say “HELLO” PoMo 2017!