Join a Group-

Get connected with like-minded people in your Community!

Find Businesses, Services and Special Interest Groups available within the City of Port Moody, on our website and Facebook page.


Organize Block parties and coffee clutch and conversation circles for your friends and neighbours. Provide social gathering connection Events.

  • Create a Facebook Page for your residential community to connect and keep in touch regarding common issues.
  • Encourage Block Party planning
  • Develop a newsletter that shares what’s happening
  • Plan a summer potluck or BBQ
  • Connect/ Create a Special Interest Groups in your area. (i.e. – Local Village Networks- Suter Brook and Newport Villages)
  • Connect with Special Interest Groups in your area. (PoMo Arts, Public Library)
  1. Get Involved and join a Group in your Community. Find Businesses, services and Special Interest Groups (i.e. – Port Moody Film Society, Book clubs) available within the City of Port Moody, on our website.
  2. Host an Event- Invite friends, neighbors and local groups to make Introductions by creating a Facebook group, hosting a Block party or coffee clutch. Invite local Groups to connect for PoMo Talks.
  3. “PoMo Talks”- Join us for our ‘World Café’… A series of conversations to learn and share your ideas. These will be held at the City Galleria, local coffee shops and hosted by The Port Moody Foundation volunteers.

Visit our Groups page here.